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Rule #1 (Hacking):
Unauthorized modifications, such as kill aura, forcefield, speed hacks, macros, or auto clickers, are strictly prohibited.

Rule #2a (Spamming):
Excessive or negative spam in the chat is not allowed. Maintain respectful communication to avoid disruptions.

Rule #2b (Staff Disrespect):
Disrespect towards staff members or targeting a staff member for doing their job.

Rule #2c (Toxicity):
Avoid using offensive language, slurs, or engaging in toxic behaviour. Personal attacks, harassment, and consistent player targeting are not allowed.

Rule #3a (Advertising):
Sharing server IPs, names, links, or setting nicknames with server names is strictly prohibited. 

Rule #3b (Punishment Evading):
Attempting to evade punishments will result in severe consequences. Only log in to discuss and understand a punishment.

Rule #3c (Threats):
Making genuine threats, including leaking private information or DDoS/DoX threats, is not allowed and will be punished accordingly.

Rule #3d (Duping):
Intentionally duplicating items without reporting it to staff is against the rules. Joining the network on multiple accounts to collect rewards is also considered duping.

Rule #3e (Other):
Any actions harmful to the community may result in punishment. Ensure that your presence contributes positively to the server.

Rule #4 (Glitching & Harassing):
Avoid exploiting glitches to gain an advantage and refrain from harassing other players. Respect the guidelines regarding content creation and graphic builds.