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Our Staff

Owner • noabowa
Teams: SAM, BART, Event Team
Hi, I'm Noa. I own Saso Haven. You'll see me online from time to time. Don't be afraid to say hi, I don't bite (usually)!

Dev • Zuhaz
Teams: /
Hey, I'm Zuhaz, the developer of Saso Haven. If you have any questions about the server, feel free to let me know.

Dev • Furq_
Teams: /
Hi, I'm Furq, I am a minecraft server dev. you can take a look here to learn more about me:

Admin • ilipily
Teams: /
Hi, I'm Ilias, the tech wizard making sure everything web-related runs like a charm. Come say hi to me if you see me!

Admin • Displacers
Teams: /
Hello. I manage internal affairs.

Sr. Mod • HitBy
Teams: BART, SAM, Event Team
Hiya! I'm Hailey, I manage ban appeals and help filter staff applications. I also host events from time to time and love moderating (and digging holes)!

Jr. Mod • RaiineCloudz
Teams: SIT
Helloo! I’m Raine, I’m apart of the interview team! I also moderate the server and make sure it stays a welcoming and friendly environment for all! Feel free to say hi if you see me online.

Jr. Mod • MellowBoo
Teams: /
I am Mellow,  owner of Sad Sorrows (a part of SASO network) and flag spinner of color guard. I’m here to ensure everyone and everything is good while singing them a chorus song with my choir of ducks