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Welcome to the forum!
Started by noabowa

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13 Feb 2024
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07 Mar 2024

Hey there, 

This is the official hub for our Minecraft server community, where excitement and camaraderie converge. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Dive into our server rules to ensure a harmonious experience for all. The virtual marketplace beckons - explore our store for in-game treasures, perks, and more. Seeking a special role? Check out the Applications section. If you've faced a ban, share your side in the Appeals corner.

Your votes matter! Participate in server voting to unlock rewards. Stay informed with Announcements, featuring the latest news, updates, and event details. Engage with the community in Discussions, where every voice counts. Join in the fun with in-game Events, and be the first to know about Updates, ensuring your Minecraft journey is always fresh and exciting.

Feel free to share ideas, suggestions, or simply chat with fellow players

To make things easier, we have documented some rules to keep the forum cozy and warm:

1. Be Courteous and Respectful:
- Treat fellow forum members with kindness and respect. Disagreements can happen, but keep discussions civil.

2. Stay On-Topic:
- Keep forum discussions focused on relevant topics related to the server, updates, or Minecraft in general. Create new threads for unrelated subjects.

3. No Spam or Advertising:
- Avoid spamming the forum with repetitive content, and refrain from advertising unrelated servers or services.

4. Mind Your Language:
- Maintain a family-friendly environment by using appropriate language. Refrain from excessive swearing or offensive remarks.

5. Share Constructive Feedback:
- If you have suggestions or criticisms, express them constructively. Help us improve the server with your valuable input.

6. Use Clear and Descriptive Titles:
- When creating a new thread, use titles that clearly represent the topic. This helps others find relevant information easily.

7. Respect Staff Decisions:
- Understand that forum moderators may take actions to maintain order. If you have concerns, address them through appropriate channels rather than arguing publicly.

8. Report Issues Privately:
- If you encounter problems with other members or notice rule violations, report them to the moderators privately rather than discussing it publicly on the forum.

9. No Personal Information:
- Avoid sharing personal information on the forum, including addresses, phone numbers, or social media details.

10. Signature and Avatar Guidelines:
- Keep forum signatures and avatars within reasonable size limits. Avoid using offensive or inappropriate images or links.

11. Be Welcoming to New Members:
- Welcome newcomers and assist them with any questions they may have. Help create a friendly and inclusive community.

Breaking these guidelines may result in warnings, temporary forum bans, or permanent forum bans, depending on the nature and frequency of the violation. The guidelines aim to ensure a positive and constructive environment for all forum members.

May your coffee be strong and your Monday short

noabowa · 5 months ago · Last edited: 5 months ago